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I have been blessed to be a playwright for nearly thirty years. I have been mentored by two giants in professional theatre. I spent 4 years studying playwriting at Prairie View A&M University with Dr. Ted Shine. I was accepted into the Robey Theatre’s Playwrights Lab in 2004 and was mentored by Phillip Hayes Dean. I spent nearly three years in total working with Phillip. I have been fortunate in my career to work through grants and stipends on my plays and have self-produced with various theatre companies in Houston, Dallas, Austin and here in Los Angeles. 

I am a member of:

* Dramatist Guild Member 

* The National Writers Union

* American Association of Community Theatres

* Dramatists Guild Cohort of Writers

* New Play Exchange

* Playwright's Center

* Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights Lifetime Member

* ALAP Berkowitz Fellows Mentor

* Robey Theatre Playwright's Lab Cohort (2005)

Oh When The Saints - 2023

The Hardest Fall - 2014


Oh When The Saints - 2023

Photos from X Fest 19991024_1_edited.jpg
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X-Fest - 1999

X-Fest - 1999

X-Fest - 1999

Riyadh - 2019

nwu2023-03-26 210120.jpg

Flyin' West - 2006

MSG Tour - 2016

Jitney - 2016

AFTRA Radio Play - 2008

Fences - 1997

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