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A current member of Fierce Backbone Theatre Company (2024-2025) in Los Angeles and a board member and lifetime member of the Alliance of Los Angeles playwrights (ALAP),  Adrian studied Theatre Arts at Prairie View A&M University where he learned the craft of playwrighting from Dr. Ted Shine. He was mentored by Philip Hayes Dean at the Robey Theatre's Playwrights Lab. Adrian also participated in Playground-LA and had two shows produced by them in 2023 and 2024. He is currently work shopping 4 full length plays (two of which have had public readings in 2023 and more are scheduled in 2024). Adrian's comedy, Bad Behavior, is premiering at the San Diego International Fringe Festival in May, 2024.  Adrian is a member of the National Writer's Union, Dramatists Guild and SAG-AFTRA. Adrian is a freelance collaborator and is working with a Canadian publishing company to soon release his first book of published poetry, as well as 3 novellas. 


My plays are challenging and provocative. The theatre is a place where we collectively speak truth to power and dare to see all humanity in it's lowest moments and highest highs. I have been privileged enough to see my work done on stage and screen. I hold myself to the highest standards passed down from Ted Shine, Philip Hayes Dean, Ntozake Shange and August Wilson. I write to collaborate with the best artists in theatres around America and the world. My shows have been produced in Houston, Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco. My films have won awards (Saybrook University Best Documentary for The Rhythm of Blue- on which I was a part of the producing team) and been shown in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and South Carolina) and streamed on I have had films in Scary Cow Festival in 2014- The Fellowship of Darkness- in San Francisco and in 2013- 90 Days.) I am that rare human that can say writing is my work. I love to collaborate and look forward to the characters speaking for themselves. My work has no genre or race. I write as a calling to the human story. All LGBTAI and all abilities live full lives in the work and spaces that I live and work in. 

I am a member of:

* Dramatists Guild

* The National Writers Union

* American Association of Community Theatres

* New Play Exchange

* Playwright's Center

* Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights Board Member and Lifetime Member

* ALAP Berkowitz Fellows Mentor(2022-23)

* Robey Theatre Playwright's Lab Cohort (2005-2007)


Oh When The Saints - 2023

The Hardest Fall - 2014


Oh When The Saints - 2023

Photos from X Fest 19991024_1_edited.jpg
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X-Fest - 1999 Song of the MIs-educated 

X-Fest - 1999

AFTRA Radio Play - 2008

Fences - 1997


Oh When The Saints - 2023

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Flyin' West - 2006

AWOT - 2023

MSG Tour - 2016

Jitney - 2016

Oh When The Saints - 2023

Riyadh - 2019

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